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Sercan Gundogar

Lives and works in Istanbul

As a visual artist, Gundogar's photography practice investigates notion of nature, environmental policies and transformative characteristics between cultural and natural areas. He is also fascinated by human centered world and its visual representations. The anthropocentric revolution of landscapes as a contemporary discourse motivates the subject matter of his current holistic approach to photographic practice; strongly highlighting a visual transformative story of nature which every species belongs. Dictated compositions, geometrical arrangements and over controlled landscapes are depicted to visualize the aspects of human mark. Manifestation of decreed compositions indicates imperious identity of humans and objectification process of other species. These landscape images also induce questioning notions of domesticated and wild and relationship between these concepts and human intersubjectivity. Gundogar holds a BA in Photography and Video awarded by BAU, Istanbul. He has completed various history courses during his study which influences this interdisciplinary perspective towards transformative histography of beings. Gundogar's works are exhibited at diverse array international art galleries, art fairs and festivals, including; Schneidertempel Art Gallery, Mamut Art Project, and Paratissima, Turin.


2014-2016 Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts‚ NTNU‚ MFA‚ Trondheim‚ NO

2012 University of Salzburg‚ exchange student‚ Salzburg‚ AT

2008-2013 Bahcesehir University‚ Photography and Video (Honors)‚ Istanbul‚ TR

Group exibitions

2018 Milli Reasürans Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul, Distortion, The Great Inside

2016 SBY Yilsonu Sergisi, Bomonti Ada, Istanbul, Alien Plants (Screening)

2016 Heimdal Kunstforening, Trondheim, Døvver, Associations

2016 BOM (By Other Means), London, Living Traces

2016 TKM Gråmølna, Trondheim, Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts Master Exhibition

2016 Gallery KIT, Trondheim, Lens is round and image is square?

2016 Kreativni KRK, Krk, Living Traces

2016 Tangent Gallery, Detroit, The Great Inside

2015 Open Academy, Trondheim, The Great Inside and Alien Plants

2015 Paratissima Turin‚ Soil‚ Domestic Nature

2015 Selected for Experimentobio, Online exhibition, Domestic Nature

2015 Paratissima Skopje‚ Soil‚ Domestic Nature
(Selected for Paratisima Turin

2015 Shortlisted in Athens Photography Festival

2015 Mamut Art Project‚ Istanbul‚ Domestic Nature‚ Living Traces

2014 Galleri KIT‚ Trondheim‚ Domestic Nature

2014 Trondheim Open‚ Trondheim‚ Living Traces

2014 BAUEXP Galeri‚ Istanbul‚ Home work

2013 III. International Bursa Photography Festival‚ Bursa‚ Living Traces

2013 Schneidertempel Art Gallery‚ Istanbul‚ Living Traces


2017 Art Council Norway (Kulturrådet) Grant for newly graduated artists

2016 The Relief Fund for Visual Artists (Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond-BKH) Grant


2018 Distortion Exhibition catalogue (TR)

2016 Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts Master Exhibition catalogue (EN)

2015 Paratissima Turin catalogue (IT,EN)

2015 Paratissima Skopje catalogue (MK,EN)

2015 Mamut Art Project catalogue (TR,EN)

2014 BAUEXP Galeri‚ Homework exhibition, mini catalogue (EN)

2013 Living Traces, Self published (EN)


2015 Art Habens